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The Power of Inspirational Affirmations

Affirmations are very useful for building new habits, making positive changes in one's life, and for achieving goals.

I believe we are currently in a spiritual revolution where increasingly more people are practicing meditation and relaxation. However, people still don’t really know what is meant by the phrase “positive affirmations”.

“An affirmation is really anything you say or think. A lot of what we normally say and think is quite negative and doesn’t create good experiences for us. We have to retrain our thinking and speaking into positive patterns if we want to change our lives.”- Louise Hay

Daily use of affirmations will bring you a new beginning, changing your thought patterns, opening up opportunities you never knew existed before. 

It Beats Depression

The power of positive thinking has been known to beat depressive thoughts. Depression has many causes, however, thoughts of low self-esteem, not being worthy, or even good enough, definitely plays a role. By saying positive affirmations you can change your thought process.

Girl lying with her eyes closed, wearing a white t-shirt featuring the SPIRIT inspirational affirmation in neon pink

JTEESinc White Unisex Cotton t-shirt, Neon Pink Black print featuring inspirational slogan SPIRIT Affirmation. + print and fabric colors available

Positive Affirmations Enlighten People Around You

Positive affirmations help motivate people around you. Being around positive people will transform you and your energy. Many times we are depressed or negative because we fight our own thought process. Being around people with positive energy can change your thought process quickly.

Keep positive people in your life and try to spend as much time with them because it will transform your overall energy quickly.

Black unisex cotton t-shirt with white print design featuring the inspirational slogan imagine countless possibilities

JTEESinc Black Unisex Cotton t-shirt, White print featuring inspirational slogan IMAGINE Affirmation. + print and fabric colors available

Transform Businesses

Motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, have made millions writing about positivity. It’s important to note they have done a great job and have transformed people’s lives. There are stories of people who couldn’t run a successful business and then transformed their company within a short period after changing their mentality. 

JTEESinc Black unisex cotton t-shirt with white print featuring inspirational slogan create a life full of beauty

JTEESinc Black Unisex Cotton t-shirt, White print featuring inspirational slogan CREATE Affirmation. + print and fabric colors available

Strengthen Relationships

Through positive affirmation, it’s easier to transform your relationships with others. The power of positive thinking can flourish new relationships, old ones, and those which have tension between them. Perhaps it’s because positivity changes the way people think, eliminating old habits and building new, more mutually beneficial ones.

JTEESinc white unisex cotton long sleeve t-shirt with black print inspirational slogan fearless pursuit of soul food

JTEESinc White Unisex Cotton t-shirt, Black print featuring inspirational slogan FEARLESS Affirmation. + print and fabric colors available

Inspirational Streetwear

Wear your affirmations allows you to carry them everywhere with you throughout the day. Imagine the impact on your positivity, mental clarity and those of the people  around you.

 ‘hear me whisper in a loud voice to every soul who passes, I have the spirit to imagine and create with fearless energy’. Jen (JTEESinc)



 At a crossroads on life's journey, I gathered powerful and motivating words that were life affirming for me, a guide.

I wondered what they meant, what they could mean. 

After some thought, these are the 5 affirmations that came to me. I could think of nothing better than to put them on a range of streetwear.

SPIRIT – power of positivity
IMAGINE – countless possibilities
CREATE – a beautiful life
FEARLESS – pursuit of soul food
ENERGY – strictly a vibe thang!

    Trendy Latina wears a black beanie and the JTEESinc white t-shirt featuring the Energy inspirational affirmation in neon pink

    JTEESinc White Unisex Cotton t-shirt, Neon Pink print featuring inspirational slogan ENERGY Affirmation. + print and fabric colors available


      Words to hold in mind every day. 

      Words to inspire and give you strength, as they have done me.  

      Each Affirmation Print is available on T-shirts, long sleeve tees and sweatshirts, in a variety of fabric and print colors. Something to suit everyone.

      Look good, feel good and communicate what is important to you.



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