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Plastic Pollution Revolution

‘plastic has become an integral part of our daily lives. but every year, some 8,000,000 tons of it ends up in our oceans. and there it can be lethal.’ Sir David Attenborough, Blue Planet II

floating fields of plastic haunt our screens

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch of floating plastic waste covering 8% of the Pacific Ocean. Twice the size of continental US

The ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ spans the waters from North America to Japan. It covers 8% of the Pacific Ocean. That's twice the size of continental United States.

The full horror of what we have done to our planet has shocked people of all ages and nations. The effect this has had on marine life is particularly heart breaking.

Tropical Fish swims through a mix of floating plastic waste pollution

We have been on our beaches in thousands, picking up rubbish washed up on our shores. Families are beginning to change their habits. Communities across the world now search for ways in which they can reduce their need for plastic.

Single Use Plastic: A focus for change

Plastic Water bags, bottles and straws are the top 3 marine debris items.

Beach covered in a mix of plastic waste pollution across the sand

The actions of one of us may seem trivial and have no real impact.
Hardly a drop in the ocean! But the knowledge there are millions of people all over the world doing the same thing at the same time, now that is powerful!

Single use Plastic Sucks!

Ask yourself this; do you really need all this plastic? Consider the tens of thousands of plastic bags, bottles and straws or put in landfill every second.

Don't use them! Be a part of the solution, not the pollution. Join our plastic pollution revolution. here's how -

JTEESinc believes education and awareness are key. Cleaning beaches is a noble cause, but elimination at source is the only sustainable solution. The more aware we are of the real issues, and how we can contribute immediately to a solution, the faster we can turn this plastic disaster around, and save our blue planet before it’s too late.

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