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t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts printed with original orca graphic and slogan text  - Freedom Matters. + fabric and print colors

"When we return wild animals to nature we merely return them to what is already theirs, for man cannot give animals freedom they can only take it away." Jacques Cousteau  - marine conservationist | pioneer | innovator | film maker and explorer

orca killer whale captive in a concrete tank watched by a group of 3 distressed trainers

Orcas and Dolphins are emotional creatures just like us. They form close family bonds, and experience grief and despair as we do. Yet, they are frequently hunted, family pods broken forever. Mothers and babies brutally captured and separated, to be held in captivity, for lifetimes. All in the name of human entertainment.

Not in my name

we bring our children to witness cheesy tricks these magnificent creatures are forced to perform while we conceal an uncomfortable truth. we now know they don't comply with their trainers instructions out of playfulness or some romanticised notion of bond between human and wild creature. they do it to get fed.

SeaWorld - a guilty secret, no longer

Knowing we have kidnapped them from their natural habitat, by supporting theme parks like SeaWorld, we are accomplices. Though they are frequently starved to force each performance, we continue to bring our families to “enjoy” these grotesque spectacles. And we call ourselves civilised.

Is this the kind of example you want to set a child?

Small child and his parents laugh together watching an orca killer whale captive in a concrete tank with his mouth wide open


The fascinating and yes, disturbing documentary Blackfish, crashed onto our screens in 2013, sparking a public outcry against captivity. Immediately following release, SeaWorld experienced plummeting attendance and share values. But, as little as 6 years on, there are real signs the ‘post-Blackfish effect’ is coming to an end.

From Jan-July 2018 SeaWorld reported almost 1,000,000 more guests visiting, compared to the same period the year before. Orca shows are still their flagship headliners.

Whale Sanctuary Project

mother and child watching orca whales freed from captivity swimming around an open sea whale sanctuary

The mission of the Whale Sanctuary Project is to establish an ocean sanctuary, where whales and Dolphins can be rehabilitated in an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat. This organisation is also working with the Russian government to rescue Orcas and Whales, who were captured for illegal sale to theme parks in China.

They need your support !
Help us, to help you, to help them

JTEESinc Tilly design honours the memory of Tilikum, the orca whale much featured in ‘Blackfish, who spent 24 years in captivity before his death at SeaWorld Orlando, Florida, United States. We dedicate this collection to supporting a world-wide stop to Whale and Dolphin captivity. 

  girl in a pony tail and sun glasses wearing the JTEESinc black cotton t-shirt with the Freedom Matters Orca graphic in white

Unisex Tilly Tee | Black Unisex T Shirt with White Print, Orca Design | + colors | Inspirational Streetwear

Each purchase featuring the Tilly design automatically generates a donation to the Whale Sanctuary Project, so you can help them continue their work.

$1 x per T Shirt sold
$2 x per Sweatshirt sold
$3 x Hoodie sold 

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