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Streetwear brand JTEESinc gives back

t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts streetwear brand JTEESinc donates a portion of profits on all sales to a range of charities.

Children born into conflict, Disadvantaged Women seeking economic independence, Homelessness, Plastic Pollution in our oceans and Whales and Dolphins in captivity. Your purchases help us continue to support them.It's the way all business should be done. 

Here's a $64K question for you. What do the people of Ireland and the Choctaw Nation of Native American Indians have in common? And what does this have to do with giving? ....A lot more than you have ever been told.

Kindred spirits memorial cork Ireland commemorates donations received from Choctaw native Americans during the Irish famine

Kindred spirits is a large outdoor sculpture in Bailey park Middleton, a town 16 kilometres East of Cork city in the Republic of Ireland. It commemorates a donation made by the Choctaw tribe to the Irish people during the great famine (1845-1849).

1847 was a terrible year. Known as ‘black 47’,  the potato crop had failed yet again and close to 1,000,000 people were starving to death. The unexpected generosity of the Choctaw people stands out, and it is one we Irish have never forgotten. This act of humanity for the Choctaw came at a time when their own community was still struggling to recover from injustices of their own.

vintage picture depicting the Choctaw Tribe of Native Americans 1837 infamous  500 mile trail of tears march to Oklahoma

Just 16 years before their incredible donation, they had been forced from their ancestral lands to march 500 miles in terrible winter conditions. 4,000 Choctaw did not survive, what became known as the Trail of Tears.

respect and gratitude

Featuring 9 x 6 metre high stainless steel feathers, shaped into an empty bowl, ‘kindred spirits’ signifies the hunger suffered for the Irish people during the famine. It is a sign of our respect and gratitude for the humanity shown to us by the Choctaw nation, who themselves had so little.

Kindred spirits memorial cork Ireland commemorates donations received from Choctaw native Americans during the Irish famine

It is one of the most sacred exchanges in human history, and one that touched the hearts of the Irish people, forging a bond that lasts to this day.

In 1992 a group of 22 Irish men and women walked the Trail of Tears, raising $1,000 for every dollar given by the Choctaw in 1847. The money went to relieve suffering in famine-stricken Somalia. Seven years later, Gary White Deer, a member of the Choctaw Nation, reciprocated when he visited County Mayo and led the annual Famine Walk from Doolough to Louisburgh, Co. Mayo.

Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland, is an honorary Choctaw chief, and a plaque acknowledging the Choctaw contribution, is mounted in the Mansion House in Dublin.

Irish primeminister varadhkar thanks choctaw tribe native American Indians for donation to starving irish during famine 1847

in 2018, Leo varadkar the current Irish Prime Minister, announced a new scholarship for Choctaw people to study in Ireland. The Choctaw and Irish peoples continue to work together to provide assistance to people suffering famine worldwide.

JTEESinc gives back

we are a committed socially conscious business. that's why selected collections are dedicated to raising awareness of key global issues. Purchases from these selections automatically generate donations to organizations aligned to issues reflected in these collections designs.

Inspirational Affirmations Collection | supports Dress for Success and empowering women to achieve economic independence

LOVE Matters Collection | supports the Homeless and charities who assist them

PEACE Matters Collection | supports UNICEF children living in areas of conflict

FREEDOM Matters Collection | supports Whale Sanctuary Project and the rescue of captive Orcas and Dolphins world wide

JTEESinc premium unisex cotton natural tone t-shirt featuring Freedom Matters slogan printed in mix font and colors

FEATURED: JTEESinc LOVE Matters Statement Tee in Heather Oatmeal Triblend

Each purchase from these collections automatically generates a donation to the organisations listed above. So you can help them continue their work.

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