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How to Choose a PERFECT T-Shirt Fit

t-shirts come in all shapes and sizes, making buying online a real case of hit and miss

For example, why do so many t-shirt manufacturers do Tubular tees? What's up with that?

The fit is terrible, and the look! don't get me started.

They say the camera piles on the pounds…try a casual tee cut like a tube.

side seam versus tubular
what's the difference?

T-shirts sewn with side seams have a structured look. They are more expensive to make, but definitely far more flattering to wear.


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Tubular T shirts are made from a single piece of fabric, and have as the name suggests - a tubular shape. It is cheaper to manufacture as there is less sewing involved, but it's a false economy in our opinion.

If you're looking for a cheap Tee, where look and fit are not important, tubular T shirts are the way to go.

Having a basic understanding of the way in which your T shirt has been constructed is the groundwork for choosing the perfect TEE fit.

Wading through the countless T shirt styles available today can seem like trial and error. But knowing the difference between side seams vs. tubular is the best place to start.

JTEESinc T shirts have side seams, because to us, fit is everything.

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