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How to Choose the Best Cotton T-shirt

So you found a couple of T Shirts online, but there's a difference in price. You choose the cheapest, right?

no problem until your new Tee arrives. You touch the fabric, and it's like a first kiss with a new boyfriend. You know instantly, why it was cheaper than all the others.

not all cottons are created equally, that’s for sure. As in so many areas of your life, you get what you pay for. Like the old saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. Never more true than when comparing different qualities of cotton.

so how can you tell the difference without actually laying hands on the fabric? Answer: The way cotton is described in a product description will tell you a lot about how it will fit, feel and last.

Here are the key points we think separates a Tee into amazing, okay, or just plain awful.

let's start with the worst type of cotton

card open endedThis is the cheapest of the lot. It’s scratchy, and heavy, and has all the comfort and charm of a burlap sack. AVOID!

combed ring spun OR ring spun  - So not the same thing.
Cotton picked in its raw form, contains a ton of natural impurities like soil dirt and other plant matter. If a fabric is just ring spun and not combed first, all those impurities are literally spun into the fabric. Some shake loose a lot doesn't.

Our t-shirt fabric is made from combed ring spun yarn. Meaning once picked, it is combed first to remove all impurities.

Magnified examples showing how rough card open end cotton fibres are compared to smooth combed and ring spun cotton

Unfortunately some cotton is lost at this stage in the process, and this results in a lower yield, which costs a lot more. But hey, you get a much higher quality product, and we happen to think you're worth it!

A T shirt made with cotton that has NOT been combed first has an uneven hit and miss print surface, which is not the look we’re after. We believe, a cotton Tee fabric should be light and soft, have a tight weave and super-clean sharp print surface that will pick up the color and detail of the design.

JTEESinc – The Premium Look
  1. 5x more impurities remove than standard ring spun cotton
  2. we only use long cotton staples which means there are less stray fibres when the yarn is spun, resulting in a super smooth print surface
  3. Eco-dyed in LA using eco-friendly dyes and 7x less water than the average garment manufacturer

Keep Shining, Keep Smiling!!! 

Pretty girl in sun glasses and pink earrings models JTEESinc premium white t-shirt with 3D slogan Shining in my White Tee



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