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Best Statement T-shirts Online

Choose a statement t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie to help you manifest your intention. Funny, cute, or positive vibe, your slogan t-shirt let's the whole world know something about you and what is important to you. For that day, at least.

Law of attraction 101 - We all use manifestation in our lives. Most of the time, we do it unconsciously. Ever experienced a negative spiral where everything seemed to go wrong? Or, have one success lead to another, seemingly by magic? It's the  basic principle of the law of attraction. What do you think, feel and say, will materialise in your life.

JTEESinc premium unisex cotton black t-shirt featuring Happiness is my wealth slogan in gold print

FEATURED: JTEESinc HAPPINESS is my wealth TEE | Black t-shirts |+ colors 

get super clear. it's all about intention

Wherever you put your attention, grows stronger in your life. Intention is the real power. Define exactly what you want in your life. Fill your mind with those thoughts and images, and you are more likely to attract the right people, places and resources needed to make them a reality. What you don't need will naturally eliminate itself.


Heather orange unisex premium cotton t-shirt featuring the statement RISE respect is something earned in  bright white print

FEATURED: JTEESinc RISE Statement Tee | Black t-shirts | + colors 

daily affirmations
little abbreviated statements of intent

Consider how many times you will think this statement, see it in the mirror, have someone repeat in your company. Imagine how powerful this will be.

White unisex premium cotton t-shirt from JTEESinc featuring the statement MIND undefeated in orange and black print

FEATURED: JTEESinc MIND undefeated Statement Tee | white t-shirts | + colors 

Positive vibes

Consider the statement on your Tee, as your gift to the universe, to be paid forward. Spread positive vibes wherever you go. Imagine the ripple effect, the impact you will have on the people you encounter throughout your day - on the street, the train, coffee shop. Feel the positive energy radiate out to your wider community. Now, imagine that one person who has hit rock bottom. your message may be just the thing to give them hope!




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