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5 Ways to Rock a Hoodie

On cold days there's nothing more comfy than putting on an oversized hoodie. Pick a hoodie a few sizes larger than you normally wear, combine it with the right items, and it becomes the coolest streetwear.

The oversized trend has come hand in hand with the rise of hip hop fashion and athleisure into the mainstream. Q Kanye West’s long line TEEs and chunky hoodies, and Ariana Grande Lampshade look - oversized sweatshirts with knee-high boots. 

If you're new to the idea of lampshading, accomplishing the look is super easy.

Ariana has frequently demonstrated, you simply pick out your biggest, coziest sweatshirt and then pair it with boots. You can choose a colorful pair to help the look pop or choose a more neutral shade and let your oversized hoodie or sweatshirt make the statement. 

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Pair oversized hoodie with jeans to create a street casual look. Neutral coloured oversized hoodie + ripped skinny jeans + timberland boots make a great outfit for hanging with your friends at the weekend

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Rock a pair of yoga pants and leggings for sporty look. Vary your yoga pants, experiment with different colours and patterns for the perfect look for going to sports practice or a game.

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Wear your hoodie over a mini dress or skirt, for a high fashion look. Choose a dress long enough to be seen under the hoodie. Make sure it's in a contrast in colour to help it stand out and brighten your outfit

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Wear a jacket over your hoodie to create a great layered effect. This is a great way to tailor the hoodie and accentuate your natural body shape. Pick a jacket at least 1 size larger than you normally wear. Try leather, suede or denim.

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Monochromatic - super trendy and very easy to pull off. All you need is a hoodie + jeans or pants in the same color.

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