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What we do

JTEESinc Streetwear

inspirational print design with a social conscience

crowded street of people, backs turned to the camera, with a girl in the foreground in a denim jacket and cross body bag
Our Philosophy

Look good, be comfortable in your skin, spread good energy and give back.

JTEESinc offers T shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts in trending colors, with inspirational prints and original art. Each piece is designed to focus the mind, creating positive energy for the wearer and everyone they cross paths with.

We believe T Shirts, sweatshirts and hoodie design is a great opportunity for self-expression. Print design should allow us to communicate who we are and what really matters to each of us.

Social Conscience

JTEESinc has made a deliberate choice to be a socially conscious business. For us that means we strive to incorporate positivity in our designs, while also addressing and supporting some of the big issues of our time.

pretty black woman relaxing in a white cotton t-shirt with the Love Matters slogan print in red and black from JTEESinc
Our Four Cornerstones

Black & White
– Keep the canvas simple to allow the wearer to pair their JTEE with key elements in their Capsule Wardrobe, while adding a pop of elegant color to the palette.

Seasonal Color Trends
– Follow NYC + London Fashion Week trends. JTEESinc frequently drops designs based on colors coming out of Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Collections

Messages that Matter
– JTEESinc designs communicate what is important to you, positively affecting the wearer and those they cross paths with. Vibrate at your highest level. #liveyourbestlife

Giving Back
– We support the charities and organisations who champion key messages for positive change and equality for all. 

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